why would you write a letter?

People do often ask  ..and thankfully Amanda Yu has some answers.


  1. Inez Martin says:

    Amanda Yu, thanks for your beautiful arguments for handwriting and communication by handwritten letters.
    Its so clear. This year I start with InCoWriMo, and I am looking forward.
    Au revoir!
    Inez Martin

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  2. Catholic Bibliophagist says:

    Handwritten letters are tangible mementos of the past. Back in the mid-seventies, my future husband and I conducted much of our courtship by letter because the distance between us only allowed us to see each other on weekends — and not every weekend either. As a widow since 2006, I am glad to have saved the correspondence between us.

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  3. Ms. Yu, thank you for recording this special message. I was sitting on the fence about joining the challenge, but you have sealed the deal. Thank you for such thoughtful and eloquent words.

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