SRM Power Meter Flat Pedals are not an April Fool

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German power pedal specialists SRM have released a pair of flat pedals with power meters in them. This is not April 1st. We checked. Twice.

Red ones are the fastest

If you run flat pedals yet also want to know what watts you’re pushing through them, this is your lucky day. Also, just what kind of nutter are you?

Seriously. Who out there wants forensic (and expensive) info about their pedal power output but doesn’t want to be clipped in? We’ll go into our guesses shortly.

In the meantime, let’s describe what these X-Power Flat Pedals are.Well, fundamentally they’re a pair of flat pedals with a strain gauge power meter in the pedal spindles. That’s if you get the full-on Dual sided option. SRM also offer a single-sided option (ie. there’s only a power meter in one of the pedals).

The X-Power Flat Pedal uses the same axle and electronics as SRM’s existing X-Power SPD clipless pedal. So there is at least the caveat/excuse/explanation that the move to make flat pedal option wasn’t as big a deal as it may first sound.

The Flat Pedals are charged via magnetic charger (like some mobile phones). The run time is a claimed 30 hours from a full charge. The pedals claim a +/-2% degree of accuracy. The weight is claimed to be 205g per pedal.

The two-meter Dual option costs €1.175,63 (approx £991.51). The Single meter option costs €797,48 (approx £672.58). If you go for the Single but later decide you want the full Dual set-up, that upgrade costs €671.43 (approx £566.27).

You can get replacement bodies if you damage them

So then. Who is this pedal intended for? We’re certain there’s a degree of ‘because we can’ about these power meter flat pedals but there must also be some sort of market in mind.

BMX must play a fairly large part here. Maybe.

IN BMX, the use of clipless pedals has been effectively banned since 2013 for ‘novice’ racers.

In 2020 there were further restrictions put in place which extended the clipless pedal to include all Novice racers and all Intermediate Under-12 racers. Finally, as of the start of this year, clipless pedals are prohibited for all racers (Novice, Intermediate, Expert) who are Under-12.

Maybe these are for young BMX Olympic medal hopefuls? Maybe.

But yeah. Power meter flat pedals. What a time to be alive.

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  • SRM Power Meter Flat Pedals are not an April Fool
  • Premier Icon ped
    Full Member

    Do they also record the force of the rock strike that’s just written off your thousand quid purchase?

    Premier Icon weeksy
    Full Member

    We did this, about an hour ago 😀

    Premier Icon Sharkattack
    Full Member

    IN BMX, the use of clipless pedals has been effectively banned since 2013 for ‘novice’ racers.

    That sounds like flat pedals have been banned. Or by clipless do you mean clip equipped? Or pedals which have had their toe clips removed?

    Premier Icon dirkpitt74
    Full Member

    Clipless = no toe-clip or strap but has a cleat.

    Essentially, manufacturers needed a way to differentiate toe-clip and strap pedals from this new type of pedal that didn’t have the toe-clip, but rather a cleat. The term “clipless” really refers to the lack of toe-clips, rather than the action of connecting your shoe with the pedal.

    Premier Icon stingmered
    Full Member

    They look quite chunky.

    Premier Icon Northwind
    Full Member

    Bit daft to think that flattists can’t care about power etc just the same as spd-o-philes, Sam Hill can pedal like a mofo frinstance, just look at how he performed in the EWS. It’s almost like pedalling power and what pedals you want to ride on are 2 different things.

    I’m a flat pedalist because my knee’s a wreck. I’m not that strong, but I’d still love these because I’m a total nerd. I’m just not paying more than £50 for something that I use to erode rocks with

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