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After so much time spent in our Forum, we felt that Tom Howard was well prepared to seek out the furthest niches of the internet. We’ve enlisted him to seek out the curious, the sublime, and the ridiculous. As a rider with something of a reputation as a magpie, we feel sure he’ll be able to spot the glinting gems of the bike world. Come join him in this new series, ‘Internet Rummagings’ . The internet can be very much like the back room of a bike shop, mostly junk, but every now and then a gem pops up, and if not a gem, something that makes you go ‘Ooh, that’s interesting!’. KOM Hubs The first nugget to come from the internet may well fit both the ‘gem’ and the ‘interesting’ criteria. It’s Peak District based KOM and their UK manufactured Xeno hubs. Lots of colours to choose from, including this ensemble From the seven anodised colours these hubs are available in, combined with the seven endcap colour options, I think we have the gem...

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  • Internet Rummagings | Hubs, Brakes and Ti Curiosities
  • Premier Icon matt_outandabout
    Full Member

    That’s a great selection of things
    Utterly bonkers hollowcage…

    Premier Icon oxym0r0n
    Full Member

    Love my Dward top cap 🙂

    Premier Icon belgianwaffle1
    Full Member

    Hollowcage has been a bit of a disaster for AB’s PR departement. See hambini’s video…

    Premier Icon mick_r
    Full Member

    Never seen the KOM hubs before and they look really interesting – thanks for digging those out.

    Premier Icon Onzadog
    Free Member

    Looking at those KOM hubs 9n their website, they have the potential to be interesting, but the reality is, they say nothing about them other than marketing claims. There’s no detail at all. All I got from the website was that they’re “different”, might not fit your frame and need a proprietary rotor.

    Premier Icon robertajobb
    Full Member

    So AB’s decided to get Hambini’s video blocked rather than addressing the points he made.
    Great case of companies ‘layering up’ so they never let the technic criticism get in the way of marketing.
    Interesting too that a user has identified from bitter experience it seems that the AB cage design doesn’t adequately guide the chain like one from Shimano or SRAM or even Ceramic Speed, so can result in the chain crossing up on the bottom pulley and jamming when the chain bounces or you back pedal. (Wrecking a very £££ part and possibly your Dura Ace rear mech whilst at it).

    Premier Icon MacCruiskeen
    Full Member

    See hambini’s video…

    I haven’t got all day. Could you summarise it in two hours?

    Premier Icon Tom Howard
    Full Member

    I haven’t got all day. Could you summarise it in two hours?

    Angry shouty man is angry and shouty?

    Haven’t watched the video, haven’t seen anything other than a picture of the cage and thought, ‘oh, that looks cool’.

    Premier Icon Josh
    Free Member

    So AB’s decided to get Hambini’s video blocked rather than addressing the points he made.

    Do you think they could get the rest of them blocked too?

    He’s an odious misogynistic bellend who deserves to be shut down for good.

    Premier Icon pmurden
    Full Member

    My mate has the Absolute Black rear mech and loves it. Yes more money than sense lol

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