Video: Fergus Ryan Joins Privateer

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With Matt Stuttard off to throw new shapes at Polygon, we knew Privateer and Hunt Bike wheels had a new signing to reveal. It’s been revealed that Fergus Ryan is joining their ranks, and he’s been out in Portugal getting familiar with his new bike. From this video, it looks like it’s going well.

The tracks out here are so insane, super fast and you really have to work hard to find the limit in terms of speed and traction over the loose rocks and dusty tracks. Seeing how the 161 deals with big hits and recovers is amazing and the stability that it gives allows me to keep pushing on. 

Fergus Ryan

Fergus’ primary focus is on the coming 2022 EWS race season, and with the UK winter in full swing, he swapped mud for dust and flew out to Portugal for a week of training in the sunshine. Having flown into Porto in the north of Portugal, Ferg headed to Ponte de Lima Bikepark just an hour north of the airport. The flat-out tracks and rough terrain offered the perfect training ground to get to grips with his new bike and provided the ideal backdrop for a pre-season edit.

Privateer/Hunt Bike Wheels

It’s a pleasure to see Ferg having so much fun on his new bike. We cannot wait to see how he gets on when the EWS season kicks off!

Privateer/Hunt Bike Wheels
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