Welcome to the address book for 2019.

As you may have noticed, there are no addresses here yet. In case this is the first year you’ve checked in on incowrimo-2019 – a handwritten letter every day, don’t worry,  you’re on the right page.

The way it works is that our join in  page is open from now until January 31, 2019. If you haven’t done so already, go to the page and add your address to this years event. On January 18, the new address book for 2019 will magically appear on this very page. Organized, accurate and ready to go so that you too can be motivated by the marvellous range of people around the world who would be happy to get a letter from you.

There is no commitment that you need only write people on this list. The only point is that you send a handwritten letter to whoever you choose every day for the month of February. In short, this is a project about writing and sending letters rather than the receiving end.

That being said, we encourage everyone to write a letter every day and having lots of interesting people to write too makes it that much more enjoyable.

Many people from previous years request their names be left on the list after the official month of February has ended. If you’ve already done this, just check back after January 18 and make sure you’re information is there and correct. If something is amiss, pop over to the updates and corrections page and fill in the form so we can make it right.

There are several reasons people do this, and you can too when you fill in your join in information. We have found there are plenty of people who enjoy writing to others as well as receiving mail throughout the year. Many have developed longstanding correspondence through this project and are often inspired to send out a fresh note to someone new.

History and personal experience tells us that letters are generally a cheerful affair and have improved the lives of millions of readers in interesting ways. Everyone in the address book has in some small way committed to making the world a better and more liveable place.

We will be posting reminders and information to keep you up to date as February approaches as January 18 will arrive much faster than you think.


  1. Eunice says:

    Hi! I did ask to be carrid over from the last year, but I’ve changed my mind now. How do I go about removing my entry from the address book? Thanks!


  2. good question. at this point, the best solution would be to go to the ‘join in’ page and enter your name and enter the required information so that we get the right person, and use one of the two ‘non-required’ entries to type in ‘please remove me’. meanwhile we will come up with a better solution.


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