We believe that keeping in touch is kind of important. And that’s why we’re moving our comments section here to it’s very own page.

Years past have proved that a good comment section provides timely general information in addition to letting other people know you’re here. Believe it or not for more than a year, incowrimo pretty much functioned from a comment section alone.

Keep in mind it’s our firm belief that if you have something to say to someone    ..send them a letter.

Few things in life are as satisfying as opening your post box to find someone has sent you a letter sharing their ideas and thoughts. And just as nice is the opportunity to write them back.


  1. Brandy says:

    hello all!! I am Brandy and I just filled out the form to be part of this.. this is my first year and I have NO idea what I am doing, but this sounds like so much fun and I really like writing and receiving letters.. so I am excited to do this! I love reading, crocheting, nature hikes and being outside.. I am not as creative as I would like to be.. by I hope this challenge will challenge that in me.. I hope to not only make friends through this month but that we continue to be writing pals throughout the year.. thanks! and happy writing

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  2. brandilion04 says:

    hello all!
    I am so excited to be here, this is my first year and I have no idea what I am doing! But I am excited to write and receive letters.. looking forward to making writing pals for longer than just this month.. I love to read, crochet and be in nature.. Happy writing!



  3. Stephanie Van Parys says:

    I’ve got my pen, paper, and stamps ready to go for a full month (and beyond) of letter writing. I restarted my penpal hobby in 2013 and have not stopped. I now have penfriends all over the USA and the world whose letters I just adore. I’m excited about getting to know more people. I write about life, my garden, books I’ve read, my garden, and whatever else comes up. I work, am a mom to three teenagers, make books, write letters, pull weeds. Send me a line, and I will be sure to send you one back. Postcards and letters work for me.


  4. doulaflo says:

    Hi, I have just signed up and this is my first year. What tips do people have for choosing addresses? And do you choose your addresses before hand, or as you go? Looking forward to putting pen to paper :)

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  5. welcome :) the comments section often has great tips, we will be reposting some tips later today and tommorow.


  6. LéGram says:

    Hello everyone, I’m Bidjai Roeplal. I know a lot of you have written me in the past, but I didn’t get the chance to write everyone back due to some major changes in my life. I’m also moving from Suriname (South America) to Belgium next month, where a new adventure awaits me. My address has been updated. I’m planning to write everyone back that I didn’t get the chance to this this year. Very anxious to start!

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  7. whiz3 says:

    I am signing up (again). Have done this in the past but not for last couple of years I have new address, have misplaced my fountain pens, and definitely out of practice with handwritten letters, but it is so delightful to receive personal mail. I’m looking forward to starting back with this practice! I have some old addresses from previous InCoMo years that I can pull out and begin to write to again, but I look forward to seeing updated and new list too.



    I’ve known about this program for a year or two but didn’t think I’d be able to commit until now! Completely stoked to start writing, hopefully I’m not too much of a dork and am able find a willing pen pal.

    My handwriting is legible at best, but promise to use interesting inks! My hobbies include: killing orchids, avoiding housework, creating stained glass art, and growing my fountain pen collection. :)

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  9. Carla Doss says:

    Hello, I am Carla Doss, and this is my first year! Excited to start this new project, and learn lots about all kinds of folks. I love to read, play the piano, garden, and spend time outdoors with my granddaughters. I also have discovered recently an interest in baking “pretty food” i.e. decorated cookies, cupcakes, and macaroons. Hope to make several new writing friends with some of you:)


  10. Welcome back :)


  11. Dust if you must, but wouldn’t it be better
    To paint a picture or write a letter?

    Seeing as I have very little artistic ability (although I have attempted to illustrate things in letters), words and letters it’ll have to be for me!


  12. Christina Laws says:

    Hi all! Super excited about another year of participating and hope to make it a great month of writing letters. I am a HUGE dog lover, am a tad obsessed with traveling to photograph wild horses (there is a small wild horse herd here in Missouri but there’s nothing like the dirt roads out west), and love to strap on the jogging shoes and take a nice jog with the dogs. I write year round, although I’m not always super punctual about it and would welcome a letter from anyone who cares to scribble one to me.

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  13. len jimenez says:

    Once again – sunshine in winter – delighted to participate this year, as I have the last two. Like photography, music, fountains, inks, notebooks,reading, moderate hiking, ideas not necessarily in that order. Correspondents are guests and I enjoy having guests.
    If you write I will gladly reply.


  14. Hi all. This is my second year and I am really looking forward to getting started. I love writing and receiving letters especially the ones without windows ;-) I love art, photography, anything to do with wildlife and spending time with my two amazing granddaughters. Looking through the address book and selecting who to write to is always difficult so I have started early. Fingers crossed I get some in return. Have fun everyone.


  15. im1luckywoman says:

    I guess it would be near impossible for anyone to find me in the address book (should you want to write me) when my WordPress ID is IM1LuckyWoman instead of my real name! Rebecca Carrillo here. Looking forward to “meeting” you! (Previous comment written a few days before this tells you a bit about me. :) )

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  16. Katey Wagner says:

    Hello! I’m excited for my second year participating in InCoWriMo!


  17. Jim Goodding says:

    Here is a thumbnail sketch of who I am: I’m a music lover – everything from trip hop to classical and see lots of jazz at a local performance space. I enjoy hiking and backpacking with my two dogs. I practice yoga and meditation to help keep the crazy world in line and volunteer at the local nonprofit animal shelter walking dogs and in the vet clinic. I’m a cyclist with a herd of six bicycles.

    Being a fountain pen user, I love to write to friends and pen pals. This is my third year in InCoWriMo, having sent out 51 letters in February 2018. Jot me a line if you are so inclined.


  18. Sonja Drake says:

    Hello all. I live in the U. S. I enjoy quilting, cross stitch, gardening (although I have adopted two dogs who like to dig so…) and reading.


  19. Monika says:

    Hello! This is my first time joining. I live in Germany and have some time to spare now that my daughter is off to university. I’m lover of music with quite eclectical tastes. Want to have an exchange of vegetarian recipes? I’m in. Want to have postcards made from photos of my hiking? I’m in for that too. In short I love getting to know new people. If you like drop me a line.


  20. jessicaleegilbert says:

    This is my third year participating, though I write throughout the year. It’s nice to have something to make the Michigan winter a little brighter! I have a collection of fountain pens and ink, I bullet journal, crochet, garden, sew and read a lot. I’m married with two senior citizen cats, though I work with 50 other cats on a regular basis. I also collect vintage postcards, especially mid-century motel cards. In the summer, I stand up paddleboard on local lakes. Looking forward to February!


  21. Carl Hollomon says:

    Very much looking forward to my second year of InCoWriMo! Have fun, everyone.


  22. Looking forward to meeting new people again this year! I’ve earned a couple of pen pals from this in the last two years and I love the excitement of writing to new people and never knowing what will show up in my own mailbox.

    If you want to write to me, I’d be happy to hear anything at all but I LOVE history and languages. Share something special with me about a language you write or speak (if not English, or share a favorite oddity about English if that’s all you speak) or tell me something you find interesting or neat about your hometown, state, or country.

    I can’t wait to meet new people! Happy posting to all.


  23. Margret Christie says:

    Hallo, I’m Margret Christie. I have just added my name to the addresses for Feb 2019 InCoWriMo and am looking forward to some fun to brighten what are in THIS hemisphere, the gloomy days of February – usually by this time the Winter has really got it’s teeth into things and gives a big push with cold and Shhhheush weather before the clocks go back and you really notice the days getting longer. I live in pretty much the center of England. I watch entirely too much Netflix and Youtube, where I have learned so much about many things but largely about fountain pens – buying [inexpensive], using, and some fixing – and bottled inks. I don’t consistently do crafts but find them interesting to the point of fascination and there are few things I won’t try if I feel I need something made. I love animals and at present have one dog who is very much PRESENT in my house, where – apart from Fergus – I live alone, but not lonely. I work full time for a charity. My hobbies include writing, art, and reading – and watching Netflix! Interested in nearly everything [perhaps except sport, but if you have a passion to share, I will be interested in your experiences!] Look forward to hearing from people who are or are NOT like me ! with Best wishes – Margret


  24. Loucke says:

    Hi there! I’m Lucas, and a few years ago, I attempted an ambitious project – mailing out a letter or card every weekday for a year. Obviously this was inspired by InCoWriMo, so I’m happy to be officially participating this year. I’m a college student (at 31 years old!), a fountain pen collector, a geography buff, aspiring city planner, and a snail mail nerd. Really looking forward to getting started! I’ll be posting my adventures on my blog, if anyone is interested in following along :)

    Happy writing, everyone!


  25. Jenn Lost And Found says:

    Hello All!

    My name is Jenn and I go by JennLostAndFound. I have been penpaling for about a year and a half – I’m not sure what took me so long to get started since I love all things pen and paper. This will be my first InCoWriMo, I’m very excited! I have picked some names from the list and would love to hear from anyone out there! I love writing letters about food as well as sharing recipes and photos of food! Some other interests of mine include rubber stamps, drawing and painting, figure skating and world history. I have a fascination with anything airmail or postage related. I also love to create ATCs (artist trading cards) and swapping them with other pen pals. I hope to ‘meet’ some new pen pals through this community! See you in the mail!


  26. LaWanda Batchelor says:

    HI everyone. My name is LaWanda. This will be my second year doing INCOWRIMO and I love it. I had a blast doing it last year. I have several wonderful pen pals that I have continued to write to throughout the year and I am looking for more who would like to continue even after February. I am a labor and delivery nurse. I enjoy journaling, reading, making junk journals, writing letters, fountain pens, cooking and canning, camping and hiking. I have two cats, 3 dogs. Two are German Shepards named Daryl and Michonne who are characters on The Walking Dead. They have their own Facebook page at Daryl & Michonne GSD. I love watching movies and Youtube videos.


  27. Helen Åkerman says:

    Hi! I´ve just entered both me and my daughter. Her name is Signe. She is very good at English and has just started to learn German. She likes to sing, dance, theater. She plays the piano and the saxophone and she does gymnastics.
    I am a full-time working mother of three, Signe is my youngest. At work I´m coordinating prison chaplaincy in Sweden. In my free time I read a lot, sew and knit even more, is the chair woman of one of Swedens larger gymnastics clubs and like to spend the evenings watching series or films on Netflix or HBO with my husband. I have a passion for down hill skiing and surprised myself with running a marathon and a 30K trail run last year!
    This is our first time incowrimo and we both look forward to it!


  28. Michelle Gibson says:

    Hello Friends, My name is Michelle. I just heard of InCoWriMo for the 1st time last night through the bullet journaling community. I just started my 1st bullet journal. InCoWriMo is so exciting to me because I love talking to people and hearing about their life and adventures. I enjoy making cards with photos/stamps and sending/receiving letters/cards. I also enjoy quilting, bike riding on our area trails, photography, reading and cooking. I have been married to my best friend for 31 years. We have 2 children. My oldest just graduated from university and my youngest just started college. My goals for 2019 is to read the whole Bible and to continue to improve my health with healthy eating and exercise. Tonight I am planning on getting everything together so I can be ready for InCoWriMo 2019! This is going to be fun!


  29. Ellise Carpenter says:

    Hi everyone! I’m super excited to participate for my second year! Last year I got sick the 2nd week into InCoWriMo, so I didn’t get 1 letter/day. Hopefully this year goes better :)

    I LOVE dogs, reading, hockey, and guns. I have a small fountain pen collection and love using them, so I welcome any and all letters! I’ll do my very best to answer any sent to me. Всего хорошего!


  30. Ted Allen says:

    When you put a comment and would like someone to write you, be sure there to include your name maybe city, in the comment so people can find you in the address book


  31. Jenny says:

    Hi all! My name is Jenny, and I’m excited to participate for the very first time! I work full time as a graphic designer. When I’m not working I love to create in other ways, both on paper and digitally, so I spend a considerable amount of time piddling in my home studio. I dabble in crochet or knitting in the winter and enjoy feeding the birds. I love nature and being outdoors for short day hikes, or just to sit on the porch. My children are grown and live quite a distance away so I have the house to myself. February seems like a great time to sit by the fire and write, so I’m hoping I’ll hear from some of you during Incowrimo! I think this will be really fun! Cheers!


  32. Jenny says:

    Writing a quick second post, thanks to Ted Allen, whose post reminded me to put some clues so people can find you in the addresses. So.. I’m Jenny Dixon and I live in Alabama. USA. See my previous post for a little about me. Have to purchase my stamps now. Getting ready!


  33. LEN FLORES says:

    Hi, everyone. I am Len from the Philippines. This is my first time to join #incowrimo. I’m very excited about it. Aside from stationery, journaling and fountain pens, I love photography so I would love to send pictures with my letters. I’d be interested to hear about your interests, as well as see photos from where you live.


  34. Angela Cracchiolo says:

    Just joining in here and wondering if using a typewriter for correspondence is allowed? I don’t mind “handwriting”, sometimes I’m not that fond of my own, but I have several typewriters I enjoy using :) Thanks.

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  35. Typewriters are ‘fair game’ by our rules :) personally we regret letting our little collection go.


  36. Angela Cracchiolo says:

    I figured typewriters would be ok, especially since there is one in a photo here, ha ha! I am sad that you let your little collection go, hopefully to a good home :)

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  37. Angela Cracchiolo, I LOVE typerwriter-written letters. Feel free to send one my way if you’re still making up your list! I’m Lissa Clouser from Oklahoma =)


  38. Angela Cracchiolo says:

    So now that use of typewriters is approved, LOL, I’ll say a few things about myself: I am from Warren, Michigan, USA. This is my first time joining this project, and it will probably be challenging for me because I work full time. I’ve been amassing quite a bit of vintage paper, current and vintage postage stamps, rubber stamps, various pens, markers, washi tape, etc – for some time now, I just can’t seem to help myself, LOL, but I only write (type) to a couple pen pals, so I think I need the challenge to correspond with more. I am a member of The Letter Writers Alliance (which I know sounds ironic that I don’t have that many pen pals), married, have two grown/college aged daughters, enjoy estate sales and thrift store shopping (It’s the thrill of the hunt), enjoy listening to NPR, especially Radio Lab. and I enjoy reading the (physical) newspaper, The Detroit Free Press, actually. Looking forward to this adventure!


  39. I would say, if you want to use a typewriter for this project, you should at least sign your John Hancock with a pen(cil). I suppose you do use your hands to write with a typewriter, fingers can’t live without hands!

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  40. George Callender says:

    Hi Folks,

    Well, this is my second year and I’m changing strategies. Last year I was in a panic to get the 28, which I did by using a bunch of postcards. Did end up with a few folks who I exchanged letters with but frankly, well…I fell behind and misplaced some letters and so on. I’m going to find “those addresses” and start this year with catching up with the folks from last year. Honest!!! Last year I also wrote to folks who live in small towns.

    This year I’m planning on sending more letters to small towns. Also, have picked out names in Ireland and Scotland. Yes, I’m Scottish and there’s a town in Scotland with my name…except for one letter difference.

    Also, a fan of Irish MC Road Racing, the Isle of Man TT races, and was a fan of Joey Dunlop. So, I have addresses in Ireland.
    Actually, I’m going through the address list and addressing envelopes so I’ll be a little more ready when February starts.

    Yes, it would be nice to get the 28 but for this year, for me at least, I’m going to try send honest-to-gosh letters and will let the numbers fall where they may. If I can have 28 addresses ready to go on the first, it will make the process much easier.

    I’m an old guy who lives with an Airedale pup. I have several blogs with more than 400 entries. Also, have a YouTube channel with 300-plus videos (I’ll spare you the links). A favorite book is Catch-22. A favorite writer is Christopher Hitchens. I read mainly mysteries and write 55-word stories. Yes, each story is exactly 55 words with a title of not more than seven words. Here’s an example.

    Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen

    “Captain Jones, welcome aboard Acme’s flight 624. We’ll cruise at 35,000 feet. Hope we don’t have turbulence, as that stuff really scares me. If we’re lucky, we’ll be in Chicago in a couple of hours. Oh! Co-pilot informed me we’re scheduled for NY. Dang, I always get them confused. Relax, the drinks are on us.”

    I hope we all have an enjoyable time this year and reach whatever goals we may have set.

    I wish you all good health and much joy and happiness.




  41. Mary Alexandri says:

    Hello pen friends. Im Mary, Im from Greece and this my first time participating in this journey. I love art and fountain pens and the smell of paper. I love the sun and the sea. Im looking forward to do something nice for another human being somewhere in the world every single day for a whole month. That’s a comforting thought :) Happy February to everyone.


  42. Just a little heads up. We’d strongly suggest waiting until the list is closed on the 31st of January to write out those addresses on the envelopes as there are a) people still writing in to join and b) a certain number of bugs and corrections being worked out with the addresses. I suppose going ahead wouldn’t be an earth shattering error but we’d be amiss by not pointing this out.

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  43. Congrats and welcome :)


  44. rundiva13 says:

    Hi. I’m Arlene but my friends call me Jinx. This is my first year. I’m challenging myself to meet new people and get back into actually writing letters.


  45. Ev Freeman says:

    Hello! I’m Ev. I love both sending and receiving mail, especially postcards. This is my first time doing #incowrimo and I’m really excited about it!


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