We believe that keeping in touch is kind of important. And that’s why we’re moving our comments section here to it’s very own page.

Years past have proved that a good comment section provides timely general information in addition to letting other people know you’re here. Believe it or not for more than a year, incowrimo pretty much functioned from a comment section alone.

Keep in mind it’s our firm belief that if you have something to say to someone    ..send them a letter.

Few things in life are as satisfying as opening your post box to find someone has sent you a letter sharing their ideas and thoughts. And just as nice is the opportunity to write them back.


  1. Farsky Daniela says:

    Hi-Ho All !

    Have joined this challenge last year for the first time, and I loved it right from the start. I am excited to get the new adress list, and to get in contact with people all over the world.
    I am a very down to earth person…nature is very important for me..I love to write handwritten letters, and to create unique envelopes….I am always open to talk about all kind of topics, and to learn about all kind of different cultures.
    So ….looking forward to get this letter party started 😊

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  2. Jo Page says:

    This will be my 3rd year and can’t wait. Excitement is building, and I have my writing desk all set up with various beautiful inks, new writing instruments to try, and hopefully stunning stationery. I hope my address has been changed to Tasmania!
    Have fun and Happy WritingI hiope to make some of your acquaintance!

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  3. Great to see you back.. we have your new address :)


  4. Gertie says:

    Hello InCoWriMo World!!! I joined late in the game last year and truly enjoyed participating. I’ve gained a few pen pals in the process! I was on vacation last week when I signed up via my phone and now I’m not sure if it really got submitted or not. Can you check to see if you have an address listing for Gerlinda R. in Brentwood, TN? If not, let me know and I’ll sign up again! Thanks!


  5. Welcome back :) It seems your phone is working just fine and we have all we need to make sure you’re signed up. It’s always great to hear from returning correspondents who had fun last year.


  6. dina gregory says:

    would love to do this all year round did try last year but got no reply back from anyone :( but i am sure i will get some replies this time around x

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  7. thanks for mentioning this and welcome back. our experience is that it often never rains but it pours. I’m sure you’ll appreciate it’s not like social media where you can bump up your status. do keep at it, we are quite sure that the people who received your letters appreciated it and the world improved a little as a result.

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  8. Michael Plummer says:

    Hello all,
    This is my first year signing up. I heard about it mid year of this year and have been waiting for it to open back up. I look forward to sending out some letters this year. Thanks!

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  9. Miranda Grimm says:

    Hi Y’all!
    I’ve participated before, but I’m really looking forward to getting back into it this time around and keeping up better!

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  10. Shelly Haddock says:

    I am already getting my stationery and pens ready! I can’t wait to start writing letters again.

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  11. azgatekeep says:

    This will be my third year of Inky Fingers and Paper Cuts (well, hopefully not many paper cuts!) I’ve re-added my address, just in case it didn’t carry over from last year…and I’m very much looking forward to this adventure once again!


  12. welcome back :)


  13. Donna Noland says:

    Oh boy! This will be my second year of INCOWRIMO. I am still writing to several people I “met” through our letters….so fun! And, I’ve told a few friends about this and I believe some may sign up, too. The more the merrier!!

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  14. Antoinette says:

    I surely cannot wait to get started again in 2019. In February 2018 I had so much fun. I received a few letters back and from the letters I received I have made some wonderful pen friends. I’m already starting to think how I will choose my 28 addresses for 2019……

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  15. Ally T says:

    This will my 3rd year and I’m super excited to be joining in again.

    I live at the edge of the postal universe and love reading stories from around the world.

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  16. welcome back!


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