We believe that keeping in touch is kind of important. And that’s why we’re moving our comments section here to it’s very own page.

Years past have proved that a good comment section provides timely general information in addition to letting other people know you’re here. Believe it or not for more than a year, incowrimo pretty much functioned from a comment section alone.

Keep in mind it’s our firm belief that if you have something to say to someone    ..send them a letter.

Few things in life are as satisfying as opening your post box to find someone has sent you a letter sharing their ideas and thoughts. And just as nice is the opportunity to write them back.


  1. Betsy says:

    @Brandilion04 What state are you from?


  2. Hi, my name is Sandra and I am participating for the first time this year. I love writing and doing paper crafts. I am a card maker and will be sending some of my cards to the names I pick from the list. I am hoping to complete the whole month of February and will have a big smile if I am able to complete this. Yay, I am in San Antonio, TX and am a stay at home mom who homeschools two boys.


  3. Miranda Grimm says:

    Hi Y’all! I’m Miranda from Arkansas. I am a 37 year old stay at home mom to a 14 year old boy and a 10 year old girl. I love reading, fountain pens and inks, my two dogs, and my family. This is my 5th year participating, I think. Looking forward to getting to know some new folks. Hope everyone has fun! Happy writing.


  4. Payge Emerson says:

    Hello! This is my first year participating, and I’m so excited to be involved in something like this.
    I’m a 23 year old pastry cook and musician in Colorado, originally from New England. I speak conversational Spanish and am hoping to travel quite a lot this year. I also live a low waste lifestyle and try to push myself to live even more sustainably.
    I enjoy drawing, bookbinding, knitting, bullet journaling (though I’m new to it), dance, gardening, listening to books, cooking, visiting new places, and generally trying to learn and do as many new things as I can.
    I hope to hear from you!

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  5. Betsy says:

    How was everyone’s first day of InCoWriMo? I am so grateful to be here to connect, and to keep letter-writing alive and well!

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  6. im1luckywoman says:

    InCoWriMo needs to last all year because February just doesn’t have enough days. So many interesting autobiographies and addresses that I’ve already got more than 28 and the first two have been sent on their way! (If the month is passing by and you haven’t received a letter, drop one in the mail to me and I promise you’ll get one back; my personal challenge is to respond to every one I receive.) Happy writing! Rebecca Carrillo IG: @smidgens.and.bits

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  7. NY Tang says:

    Hi everyone! It’s my first time joining. It was even at last moment and wasn’t sure if I made the cut. But looks like I did! I have been writing letters for over 23 years already and I love it very much. I am a creative soul and looking for same kindred spirits :) I love planning/journalling, galaxy, vintage, steampunk, gaming (WoW, Guild Wars 2, Maple Story 2 etc.), cute things… I am very curious of how this all goes and I hope to be able to send out 1 letter a day (I think I have just to pick out addresses that speaks to me)! Good luck everyone, lets fill each other mailboxes this month!

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  8. Andrea Levin says:

    Back for a second year – so grateful for the letter-writers who have stuck with me throughout 2018. Question: What is InCoWriMo’s back-story? Who came up with this idea, and how did it all come to be? (OR … did I somehow miss this information posted or reported somewhere?) Thanks!


  9. Holly says:

    Greetings friends! I’m Holly Cooper and this is my 3rd year doing InCoWriMo. I am looking forward to makings some new penfriends. I am a recently retired teacher/consultant for children with multiple disabilities. I like to weave, quilt, and do paper and fabric collage. I read mysteries, love cats, cook vegetarian and live in sunny Austin Texas. I seem to collect postcards, but I also make and send fabric postcards to special people.

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  10. Joe says:

    …vintage social media. THAT is a terrific phrase.

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  11. treenaintheuk says:

    Received my first ever incowrimo mail today! I can’t tell you how happy and blessed I feel right now! Thank you so much Patricia Landon (if you’re reading this). I hope the joy I feel in getting a letter is similar to the joy someone else has from receiving one off me. Now I’m off to write more letters and see if there are anymore strangers just waiting to be friends.

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  12. im1luckywoman says:

    Patricia Landon! Your letter has the distinction of being the FIRST letter I have received in this, my “inaugural” season of InCoWriMo! My response is already on its way to you. :)

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  13. Andrea Levin says:

    Thanks so much for linking me to your backstory page, Incowrimo-2019! Out of unweldiness,confusion, and the commitment to Create and Commit to Something Really Good came … the site we now hold in our inky hands. But of course now I’m even *more* curious about how you guys got started in 2015! (The *back*-back story …) So grateful for all of you who made this happen.

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  14. Annett says:

    Hello fellow mail lovers – I´m back for my 2nd year and I´m looking forward to connect with you through mail this month and find some long lasting pen-pals as well. I´m a midwife and right now also about to have another little one added to our family. Due any day—- still waiting!
    I´m interested in films, travelling, creativity in any form, music, dancing, cooking and eating out and exploring the city and nature with my camera. And yes, reading and of course corresponding since I was 11 years old. There´s so much to share and write about. Can´t wait to hear from you!

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  15. As the first week comes to a close, I have enjoyed this week more than in previous years! I have no idea why. Perhaps because there are more people this year, maybe they are new to this and perhaps I’ve already sent them a letter. I will write replies over the next few days before looking again to surprise someone, or maybe I’ll surprise tomorrow as well as write replies.

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  16. Enjoyed writing to several this week. Now to pick some for the coming week to write to. :-)

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  17. im1luckywoman says:

    I am writing so many cards and letters. I love using up some of my stationery stash (including my hand made cards) because it gives me the perfect excuse…I mean reason…to either buy or make more! I’ve also received three cards/letters from people I hadn’t sent to so yeah…and thank you (I will be sending something back)! Rebecca Carrillo :)

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  18. Jeffrey J Fisher says:

    So far no letters for me to read yet but hopefully as replies come back I will have some, can’t wait to check the mailbox in the morning :) Last year I seemed to get letters just randomly which was really neat. I haven’t been as diligent this year on sending out my own random letters though as i’m a few days behind already but will catch up. Busy time working and looking for a new place to work but I love incowrimo too much to not partake in it. Really glad incorwimo exists, not sure why exactly I like it so much but this is my 2nd year and I’m glad I can participate.

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  19. Hi, How is everyone today? I am up and sending a beautiful butterfly card to a name in Dublin, Ireland :-) Enjoying this very much. Sandra Daniels from Texas. Looking forward to sending and perhaps receiving some replies. :-)

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  20. hertryk says:

    Hi Everyone, nearly half way in and so far I have met the challenge posted my 12th letter this morning! I have written to INCOWRIMO all over, UK, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Sweden, France and Kuwait.. woohoo!! Onwards and upwards. Happy Writing

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    • joan Vande streek says:

      fantastic! i am on my 16/28 letter, and plan own replying to all of those who write to me beyond February as well to keep my pen and paper habit alive. I may not always write back on pretty paper, and or pretty ink. but you will get a response back from me. Onward to more letters

      Joan V

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  21. hertryk says:

    I am a resident of the spectacular island of Tasmania . I would love to hear from anyone who is interested to know more of the uniqueness of this special place! We have quirky places called Nowhete Else , and Egg & Bacon Bay!! Enjoy INCOWRIMO everyone! Jo Page

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  22. charrockstar says:

    Last year i was in for the address book, but this year I can’t find my own name. ;( how do I add my name to the address book? I miss hearing from people.

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    • Sadly alas but the sign up for this year is closed until mid December. But that’s no reason to dispair. We are absolutely certain that if you were to send out letters to people in this years address book, you are very likely to get some mail in return. Remember as well that there are plenty of participants who write throughout the entire year, not just February and many have asked to have their names posted until the end of November. This leaves plenty of opportunity to start of an interesting correspondence. :)


  23. Ginger Dinsdale says:

    Hello everyone,
    I just wanted to say how much I’m enjoying my first InCoWriMo! I’ve sent out letters as well as received some awesome letters. I will be responding very shortly to those. I love getting letters from people in my own state (CA) or as far away as the other side of the world. I hope that everyone is having a good time writing and receiving letters. I don’t want February to end :) Ginger

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    • Joan VandeStreek says:

      hey Ginger happy that you’re enjoying InCoWriMo. I’m a newbie too and have yet to receive any letters !

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      • Ginger Dinsdale says:

        Hi Joan, I’m sorry that you haven’t received any letters yet. I think it was a week into this before my first letter appeared. But I’m putting your name on my list of people to write a letter to. I read your info from the comments; hope you don’t mind that I know nothing about hockey, lol. Ginger

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      • NY Tang says:

        I have written letters too, (I even left a way for them to contact me to tell them they received my letter, so far nothing either and they are in the same country as I am) and we are already half way… but so far nothing yet. So you are very lucky to receive some letters in the first week! :)


  24. hertryk says:

    This my 4th Year. I have mailed 15 new correspondents from the address book and 5 from previous years whom I’ve been corresponding with. Disappointing no new arrivals yet but onwards and upwards! Have fun ! Happy writing!

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    • Helen Åkerman says:

      I’ve written to you last weekend! But I’m on the other side of the world, literally speaking, so that’s probably why it haven’t reached you yet!

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  25. im1luckywoman says:

    So pleased and feeling very lucky to have received five letters so far! I’ve answered all of them (Jessica Gilbert, yours was the most recent to arrive and my letter to you will be in the mail tomorrow), so anyone who hasn’t yet received my response should have it soon! Thanks to all who have written me. :)

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  26. Tracie Tunnicliffe says:

    This year I am sending a postcard randomly to someone from every country listed – 15 countries have been sent so far!

    So if you get a random postcard from New Zealand it could be from this day dreaming, book worm, tea sipper, mix taper, self carer, potty mouth, film buff, fan girl, odd ball who is open to any kind of postal adventures :)

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  27. J. Avery says:

    Hi, my name is J. Avery, and this is my first year with InCoWriMo. I love LOVE love coffee, as well as art, music, travel and photography. Currently, I live in Ottawa with my two cats Ivy and Magi (an ESA – Emotional Support Animal). Together the three of us will be driving across Canada and the USA in my Teardrop trailer. I look forward to your recommendations and favourite places to visit in North America.

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  28. Enjoying some peaceful quiet time doing some note writing today. They will be posted on Tuesday :-) Happy writing everyone.

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