Welcome one and all to the 2019 edition of incowrimo – a handwritten letter every day. The project where people from around the world join together to do one thing. Write and post at least one handwritten letter every day for the month of February.

Whether you write your postal-carrier, neighbour, relative or long-lost friend it’s all the same. You can add stickers, stamps, drawings, quotations and poems. Pens, pencils, brushes, crayons, the idea is to introduce a little creative fun into every day for at least one month per year.

Many people have returned year after year and continue to find new friends and people to write to. For some it will be their sixth time participating and for others their first. But with a fresh start with a fresh year things are equal for everyone. By signing up  to join in, you can become part of the thousands of wonderful people who participate every year.

We have one goal here, to encourage an international flurry of letters round the globe during February and help to see it extend throughout the year. Together we have spanned more than fifty countries, twenty-two time zones and all seven continents. There’s even an address book that will be published on January 18 with the names of all of this years participants.

As always, quite a number of people continue to correspond for the rest of the year, not to mention people who didn’t discover the fun until mid-month or even later. When you sign up you have an option to have your name included for the duration of the 2019 year which ends November 01 in order to prepare for 2020.

If you signed up last year and asked for your name to be included on the 2019 list, or submitted an update or correction in the interim, don’t worry, we have it. All of the addresses will be posted alphabetically on Friday, January 18 on our address book page. You just need to check to see that you are there and confirm the information is correct. If there is a problem, the updates and corrections page offers you the ability to resubmit the corrected information.

Which brings us to the first of two very important points that need to be brought forward every year.

A great deal of time and effort goes in to personally seeing that your address meets the international standards that ensure fast and accurate delivery around the world. We will be posting about this over the next couple of months so you can better understand the process and ensure we have the proper information.

And two, incowrimo-2019 is not a project for submitting your name in order to receive mail. Quite simply the numbers are against it.

Reaching out and writing a letter to someone is probably the best way of receiving something through the post. You have to give a little. But many people here will tell you the responses are often surprising, wonderful and always a treat.  So once again, welcome to this quirky little corner of the universe :)

Thanks and best wishes to all.

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